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Our Ministry

The Lord’s Quilters is a compassion ministry that gives hand-made quilts stitched with prayer and sewn in love to people in need of spiritual, physical or emotional healing. In 2015, we became a 501 (c) (3) non-profit quilting ministry to enable us to fulfill the vast number of requests we receive from around the world.


How We Started

The Lords’ Quilters started by accident – the 2010 motorcycle accident of our Pastor, to be exact. The quilting group at our church, Living Word Church of Muskegon, Mich., had already purchased material to make a quilt for our pastor. News of his accident and the severity of his leg injury brought divine inspiration to make the quilt, start to finish, over the weekend. Before Sunday services that weekend, we placed the quilt on the altar for our church community to lay hands on it and pray over it. After services, we took the quilt to our pastor and prayed with him. We left the quilt with him to do God’s healing work.

The quilt became our pastor’s constant companion. He kept his leg wrapped in it when he was seated and carried it with him when he was up and about. The original prognosis for his leg was grim because the injury was so severe. Yet, his leg healed very well. Even our pastor’s doctor said it was a miracle.

Shortly after our pastor was on his feet again, he asked our quilting group for three more quilts for parishioners who were hurting in one way or another, and gave us the material to make them. Requests for our healing quilts multiplied, just like the loaves and fishes. Our quilting group transformed into a compassion ministry as we worked tirelessly to fill the need. We named ourselves The Lord’s Quilters. We offer prayer, hope and quilts to those in need of healing.


Mission Statement

The mission of The Lord’s Quilters is to share compassion and healing through creating quilts stitched with prayer and sewn in love to bring healing and hope to the hurting.


Who We Help

The Lord’s Quilters helps people from across the globe and across all faiths who need healing and hope.