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Our Quilts

Every quilt goes on the altar when it’s finished to be prayed over by the congregation/laying on of hands. (Mark 16:18) The Lord’s Quilters always has something on the altar every Sunday.


The Lord’s Quilters is a compassion ministry and prayer group. We really do stitch our quilts with prayer and sew them in the Lord’s love. Over time, we have developed several categories for our healing quilts and find that most requests fall into one of them. We do not charge for our healing quilts. How can you put a price on prayer and hope?

Finished quilts and prayer squares are placed on the altar every Sunday before services for the congregation to pray over and lay hands on them. As Matthew (16:18) said, “The sick upon whom they lay their hands will recover.” Every quilt we make goes on the altar to be infused with prayer before it is given to someone in need.


Prayer Squares

Prayer squares were created out of necessity for times when we get an urgent request for a healing quilt. To create a prayer square, we often use “orphan” quilt blocks that have not yet found a “home” in a quilt. They range in size from five to 16 inches square. We add the batting and backing to form a complete unit that is placed on the altar for prayer on Sunday. Most often, parishioners and others will request a prayer square during the week. Other times, people in need will take one anonymously.

The Lord’s Quilters has sent prayer squares to missionaries in France, Honduras, Panama and the Philippines.


Healing Quilts

All quilts made by The Lord’s Quilters are healing quilts. However, our special “Healing Quilts” contain material imprinted with prayers, scripture verses or cross designs. We also create cross designs with quilting techniques.


Military Quilts and Prayer Squares

Our sons and daughters serving in the military, as well as their loved ones here at home, need extra prayers and hope. When we learn of someone joining the military, heading off to boot camp, or who has been injured, The Lord’s Quilters makes a quilt decorated to display the person’s branch of service. If the branch of service is not known, we create the quilt with red, white and blue material. After our military quilts have been placed on the altar to be prayed over, we ship them to the service members or give them to their families.

We make military prayer squares when the need is urgent. As with our military quilts, we try to personalize the prayer squares for the service member’s branch of service, or make them in red, white and blue material.


Receiving Blankets

We include receiving blankets in our prayer and healing ministry as a way to reach out to infants while still in the womb. We like to give receiving blankets to an expectant mom as early in her pregnancy as possible. We encourage her to lay the receiving blanket over her when she is at rest so she and the baby can feel the healing presence of God’s love. As with our other quilts, receiving blankets are placed on the altar for prayer.


Custom Quilts

Custom quilts are for people who request a special material with a specific design. It usually revolves around the recipients’ likes and preference for an animal, sports team or other motif. These quilts carry a small charge to procure the desired specialty material because it is something we do not keep in stock.