About Us

Who We Are

The Art Experience is a community art studio promoting the arts as an effective tool for educating, communicating, and and celebrating. Art Matters.

Founded in 1996, The Art Experience serves individuals in Pontiac, MI and the greater Detroit area.

We provide affordable access to everyone with the desire to paint, draw, and CREATE. Our art programs are a combination of customized and recurrent classes, designed to spark creative exploration and facilitate the growth of our participants.

We welcome individuals from all walks of life to be part of our creative community.

We believe that creativity changes lives.

Our team is specially trained to instruct and guide a range of individuals including those with developmental disabilities or autism (of all ages), at-risk youth, adults recovering from substance abuse or mental illness, and students whose school days are void of arts. We believe Art is empowering, and even more so for those society often overlooks.


What We Do

Our experienced staff of art educators and art therapists is focused on providing positive, goal directed programming. While participants work toward personalized goals, they simultaneously benefit from the enjoyment practicing the arts bring to their lives.  Participants reap both mental and emotional benefits from the program such as increased self-awareness & self-esteem, healthy self-expression, a stronger sense of identity, and strengthened skills which enable them to develop healthy social relationships and coping techniques.

We have developed successful mothers art groups and preschool programs with Grace Centers of Hope, youth programs with The Baldwin Center, and programs with the Kingsley Montgomery School, Leadership Oakland, Common Ground, and the Macomb Oakland Regional Center, among others, to address the specific needs of their service population.  

Art for Youth

Community Art Lab, one of our key initiatives, keeps arts education alive in the Pontiac Public School district. Help us bring art to your child’s school!

Open Studio

The Art Experience hosts open studio time for $5. Anyone can attend & spend open creative time with out materials. Tues-Sat 12:30-3:30 | Mon by Appt 

Art Therapy

We have specialized art therapists on staff who are equipped to serve a range of individuals with varied needs.

Group Events

Want to bring more creativity into your life? We offer customized group classes. Get in Touch to learn more!

Have an Idea for Us?

We are always open to developing new ways to serve our community.

If you have an idea or would like us to bring art to your community, get in touch.

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